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20 romantic message ideas to seduce a woman on a dating site

To seduce a woman on a dating site is to dare to communicate its sensuality also, the desire, the sensory communion between the two people.

20 romantic message ideas to seduce a woman on a dating site

How to seduce a woman on a dating site, via the internet or by text? You lack ideas. You are afraid of not knowing what to say to the woman you just approached on the dating site. Writing messages, texting, sms are now part of our daily lives. It's easy and instant communication. But when it comes to love, the choice of words, the turn of phrases undeniably leave a perception of who is writing them and can also be scary for those who engage in this written communication. Writing romantic messages is in a way a testimony of the heart. There is a certain objective of seduction and an objective to move, to touch the heart of the person who will read them.

Why write romantic messages to seduce a woman?

Because you need to spice up your relationship. You can't stay in a basic daily exchange, you have to go beyond the common boundaries and simply dare! This will develop the sensitivity of each person. Romantic texting will trigger a wave of pleasure, a secretion of hormones that will awaken the senses of each. Seducing a woman on a dating site is also daring to communicate your sensuality, the desire, the sensory communion between the two people. But be careful, you must not rush into anything. Do not enter immediately in the sensual text messages. So, how to write the first seduction messages for a woman on a dating site?

First step: Get interested in the person.

Ask her about her interests, what she likes, what she hates, what she does on a daily basis, what she does to relax, what she likes in men. The art of seduction lies in trust at first and then move towards a shared intimacy. If you are too enterprising from the start, i.e. too much in the desire of a physical encounter, you risk blocking the woman. It will be reduced in her mind to a simple sexual encounter. Seducing a woman with romantic messages on a dating site is essential to install mutual trust and build a healthy relationship on good foundations. The trust creates a good ground for confidences. This step can take more or less time. There are no rules. If you like this woman, be patient. Pay attention to her.

Second step: Set up the seduction game.

Then, you will have to progressively get out of this confidence zone, this "friendzone" because if you are only in confidence, the relationship will remain on the friendly level. You will have to dare and install the game of seduction. It is not obligatory to take naked pictures or any other kind of sexy picture of your private parts. The game of seduction is to find between you two the complicity, the smile and the sensuality of this virtual physical meeting on the dating site.

How to seduce a woman by SMS after having met her on a dating site?

  • Start the conversation. If you want to get out of the friendly confidences and go towards seduction, you will have to start the conversation in a romantic way. Like: I dreamed about you last night or I thought about you yesterday while watching this movie or listening to this song. She'll want to know the content of your intimate thoughts.
  • Follow up with compliments about her. Mention her first visible, perceptible qualities.
  • Write to her in the evening, when loneliness wins over the hearts of every single person. Intimate and romantic closeness will be easier at this time of the day.
  • Be genuine: Be sincere in your compliments. Talk about yourself with sincerity. It's important that she feels that your heart is speaking. Don't be different from who you are in real life. This will confuse the game and the disappointment will be huge when you meet her.
  • Be surprising, funny: Make her laugh with some jokes, don't be too serious. Women like humor. A man who makes her laugh is more likely to keep her loyal than a dull and passive man. Surprise her. Every day should be different, especially when the relationship is initially built on a dating site. If you always send her the same kind of text messages, she will get bored. Let yourself go by keeping the conversation going, feeding the conversation with new topics! Be creative.
  • Say you're thinking about her. It is important that she feels your presence, your connection to your new relationship. Women are very sensitive to these romantic attentions.
  • Seduction = sex too. As you go along, I advise you to bring sexuality into your exchanges. Sexualize your conversations in order not to remain in the friendly or platonic domain. You need to bring sensuality in delicacy and light the flame of desire.
  • Remain constant in the exchange. Be regular. Above all, don't go two or three days without writing to her. You risk creating uneasiness in her and especially insecurity. It is important to be in regular communication in order to maintain and build a real relationship with her.
  • After the dating site, propose a meeting because it will be time to meet you for real.
  • Develop complicity before the date, nourish the desire to see you, it is essential.

10 ideas of romantic messages to maintain a relationship with a woman on a dating site

  • You are far away physically but you are so close to my heart.
  • Distance is a test for our relationship, it will let us know how far our love can travel.
  • Distance strengthens our bond of love. I love you even more every day.
  • You are in my heart today from a distance and then my arms will feel the beat of your heart.
  • Distance is a fleeting passage while our love relationship is forever.
  • The idea that we will be together tomorrow gives me the strength to go forward today.
  • At night I dream of you constantly because it is the only place where I can find you alone just for me.
  • You are the love of my life, I can tell you that because every day I fall in love with you.
  • Your absence is so intense that I can't stand the presence of others.
  • The few hours I spend with you from a distance are the happiness I always hoped for.

10 ideas of messages to seduce a woman on a dating site

  • I wanted to write you that you were my last thought last night when I went to bed and the first this morning.
  • I can't stop thinking about you, I can't do anything else.
  • When I first saw you on the dating site, I immediately felt that there would be a special relationship between us.
  • My dreams are filled with you.
  • You are the most beautiful, funny, kind, generous and cute woman there is.
  • When I go to bed, I sometimes talk to the moon and it reminds me how much you are the sun of my days.
  • I can't sleep tonight. I can't think of anything but you.
  • I tried to write you a message of love. But I can't find the words to express everything my heart feels.
  • I want so much to hold you and feel the warmth that I imagine from all these days away.
  • You are a wonderful woman. I feel like a man more than ever.

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