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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Terms of Use and Terms


From: TANDEM EFFECT inc. (the “site” effettandem.com) 

Last update: May 26, 2022 


Terms and conditions  


The following general conditions are intended to define the use or use of the website maintained by EFFET TANDEM inc.  

By visiting the site, you declare that you have read and understood the following terms and conditions, including the additional policies detailed herein. These terms and conditions apply to all users registered on the EFFET TANDEM website. Access to the services is conditional on the acceptance of these terms and conditions. 

The site is operated by EFFET TANDEM inc. (“the company”). The terms "we", "us" and "our" refer to the company that offers a dating site including information, tools and services that are offered to you ("user"), under subject to your acceptance of all terms, conditions, policies and notices stated herein. 

EFFET TANDEM is a community based on respect and open-mindedness. The primary objective of our site is to allow single people, that is, consenting adults, to meet new people, share new discussions, learn more about personal development and, eventually, develop lasting relationships. 




By registering for EFFET TANDEM, you certify that you are single and eighteen (18) years of age or older. We cannot be held responsible for any misrepresentation of your status or age. The company will in no way be held responsible, legally or morally, for exchanges or meetings that may take place between users. 


Applicable right  


Civil Code of Quebec , section on contracts and obligations. Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector , CQLR, c P-39.1 

The EFFET TANDEM web platform is governed by Canadian law since it is hosted on a server established in the province of Ontario. Canadian legislation regarding the rights to privacy and the protection of your sensitive and personal data is very strict. These laws and regulations apply to its content, databases and all web communications. 

We are not subject to American laws which give the American government the right to have access to all web activities hosted on its territory (ref. Patriot Act ).




In order to understand how the EFFET TANDEM platform and its community work, here are some terms specific to our activities. 

Referrer : a single subscriber to the dating site or a user (in couple or not) registered in the referencing program; this referencing program allowing the connection of the singles of his entourage with thousands of others. 

Single : an adult who is not in a relationship; he can subscribe to the dating site and the referral program. 

Community : active subscribers on the EFFET TANDEM dating site, referrers and multidisciplinary specialists, collaborators, employees and all those who contribute to the raison d'être of EFFET TANDEM. 

Couple : two adults united by emotional ties, married or not; a person in a relationship cannot subscribe to the dating site. 

Personal link : an affiliate link (URL) assigned to a unique user to promote products and services and receive a commission when a visitor makes a purchase after clicking on the shared link; this SEO link associates an SEO with a new client. Thanks to the use of a cookie, once opened this link is valid for 90 days. 

Platform : a web server application that provides access to multiple portals of a company providing online services. 

Profile paused : Profile visibility is paused, so the profile becomes invisible and inaccessible to dating site subscribers. The user's subscription time continues to run during the break.

Private profile : the visibility of your profile is limited; it is therefore visible only to subscribers of the dating site. It cannot be shared publicly outside the site.

Public profile : your profile visibility is increased and set by default; the profile can be visible on the home page of the dating site and shared by an EFFET TANDEM subscriber by email. A user can share your profile, via a web link, by email with a friend. This link will be accessible for a limited time and not functional after 48 hours.

Reference : a friend, colleague, acquaintance or any other person who uses your personal link to subscribe to the 3-month Effect and 6-month Effect plan becomes one of your references. 

Dating site : the effettandem.com portal is a dating site for singles who wish to communicate with other singles in order to create emotional relationships; they must subscribe to a package and create an account to access our bank of candidates. 

Cookie (cookie) : Cookies are used to record session information which makes it possible to remember, in particular, the display language chosen, the search preferences, communicate the selections made from the mobile application to the site and vice versa. . This piece of information allows our server to assign the correct “user account” the sales and commissions generated by a personal link. Blocking this cookie may affect the proper functioning of our services. 

User : the single user is subscribed to the dating site and/or the referral program; couple user can subscribe to referral program only. 


Use of Company Content  


As a user of the EFFET TANDEM site, we provide you with written, video or multimedia material and all other informational documents developed by us or by our valued collaborators. The purpose of this material is to offer you support for the use of the dating site and for the various services offered, as well as to encourage your personal reflection. This corporate content may not be used for any purpose other than your personal use or to promote our services. Other than user-generated content, our platform is a collective work, governed by Canadian law. It does not grant any license or right and remains the intellectual property of EFFET TANDEM inc.  


User Content  


At all times, it is forbidden to communicate illegal content or infringe anyone's intellectual property. It is also prohibited to copy another user's personal information, store and disclose the details in any way. 

EFFET TANDEM reserves the right to remove a user's access to all portals of the platform in the event that one of the terms and conditions is not respected. A written warning will be sent to you beforehand asking you to rectify the situation. No refund will be granted to a user who has been blocked by our administration. 


Our packages  


We offer three (3) different subscription packages (calendar months): 1 Month Effect package, 3 Month Effect and 6 Month Effect. See Subscription payment.  


Your registration  


To register on the dating site, you must use a valid email address of which you are the holder. EFFET TANDEM recommends the use of a free email service whose domain name is generic (eg hotmail.com) and not used for representation purposes (eg company.com). This address will be used as your identifier to connect you to the entire EEFFET TANDEM platform and so that we can send you confirmation and security emails. See Community Communication > Messaging.  

Registration begins the process of creating your profile, including what you are looking for as a relationship and offering a description of your personality. When finalizing the registration, a personal referencing link is assigned to the new user. See Your Personal SEO Link . 


Register using a personal link  


When you sign up through the link of a user registered with the referral program and subscribe to a 3 Month Effect or 6 Month Effect package, you allow the owner of the personal link to receive a monetary reward. At the same time, you receive an additional month of subscription which will be added free of charge at the end of the package you have chosen. Not applicable on the subscription of a 1 Month Effect package. 

The benefits associated with the use of the personal link are applicable only when it comes to new customers who subscribe to the 3 Month Effect or 6 Month Effect package. 

By subscribing, you agree that we transmit the following data to the recipient of the reward: your first name, your city of residence and the date of your subscription. 


Continuous period of inactivity to the referral program 


After 24 months without having generated new referrals, the unclaimed sums of your balance will be paid into the financing fund for activities dedicated to singles in the EFFET TANDEM community. These sums cannot be claimed after this period. Please note that you will be notified by email of this situation in the 21st month, in the 23rd month and 7 days before the expiration of the 24th month, giving you the opportunity to claim your amounts due. The personal link remains active and valid, unless the account is deleted or blocked. 


Authentication eIDComparison MD  


When creating your account, we will ask you for this mandatory information to be able to access our services: first name, last name, date of birth and home address. 

In its quest for integrity and mutual respect, EFFET TANDEM uses Equifax 's eIDComparaison TM service . They offer a reliable, real-time online identity verification process aimed at establishing whether you actually exist. This process is an update-type inquiry (soft hit) that will be entered, without consequence, in your credit file. 

THIS SERVICE DOES NOT AFFECT YOUR CREDIT SCORE AND DOES NOT CONDUCT ANY INVESTIGATION IN THIS SENSE. This registration process only applies to users of the dating site. It does not apply to users who only use the referral program. Click on the Privacy Policy tab to learn more. 

Following authentication with the firm, it is possible that your access to the site will be refused or that your identification may require manual validation, depending on their established security codes. For example, if you have declared that you have lost your identity documents or if you are a newcomer to the country, we will have to manually validate your identity. You will then be prompted to call customer service at the following number, 514-500-0078 to complete your authentication process with a customer service agent. 

Once your identity has been validated, we will authenticate your photos. This is why we ask you for a photo-witness to be taken at the time of your registration. See Photo-witness . 


Your personal SEO link  


Personal links are assigned during registration for new customers, that is, during their initial registration on the dating site. 

This link allows you to launch your invitations to other singles and thus increase the pool of our candidates. In addition, this link allows you to offer a free month to your referrals and thus receive monetary rewards. 

Your personal link remains valid at all times. It's important to note that if your referrals don't open your personal link and sign up directly on the dating site, they won't get their free month. Once this link is opened by a single person, it remains active for 90 days following the opening of this link. So, each time a single person opens your link, the 90-day period starts again. If, within 90 days, your referral registers directly on effettandem.com without using your link, the affiliate link and the associated benefits will be maintained through the use of a cookie.

In this sense, check that your search engine accepts cookies, since they are necessary for registration and the allocation of rewards to accumulate as a member of our referral program. For example, if a single person receives a link from two different people, the last opened link will take precedence. 

Promotional code : If you receive a promotional code, this code must be used when registering in order to receive the benefits associated with it. It will be too late to claim it after completing your registration. 

the page https://effettandem.com/fr/referez-vos-amis


Your user account  


Identity theft remains a possibility, so we have implemented an authentication system to minimize these situations. Therefore, you agree to provide accurate, truthful and current information about yourself. If you suspect that a user met on this dating site is using a false identity, we invite you to communicate this information to us as soon as possible. 

You are only entitled to one user account , of which you are solely responsible for the content, maintenance, integrity, confidentiality and security. We need to be able to identify you to approve your registration request and publish your profile. You are therefore responsible for your interactions with members of the community. 

The safety of our members is our priority. Accounts that are fraudulent or subject to serious misconduct complaints will be removed immediately. We will also block all accounts created for human trafficking, sex trade or illicit purposes. No prior warning will be given, and this, unequivocally. EFFET TANDEM reserves the right to report any user to the legal authorities and jurisdictions.

Reporting : You also agree to report to the administrators of the platform any misuse or attempted misuse or unauthorized use, to help us maintain the integrity of the site and the confidentiality of users who subscribe to our site. A report initiates an internal investigation process to determine and validate the basis of the complaint. The result of the investigation can conclude with a warning to the subscriber at fault and even go as far as his expulsion from the dating site. A report will always remain confidential. See Privacy Policy . 

Right to delete: You can delete your user account from the EFFET TANDEM network at any time. Your personal information will be completely removed from our server and we will not be able to recover this data under any circumstances. You must go to the Parameter > Manage my subscription section. 


Your profile  


By registering on the dating site, it is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the information provided. Also, you can update your profile information by clicking the Settings > Edit My Profile tab . 

Your profile is like your business card, where you describe who you are with authenticity and integrity. It should contain enough information about you to attract the attention of other subscribers in the community, without revealing you in a reckless way. 

You can choose the privacy of your profile: public, private or paused. The default privacy is the public profile. However, you can manage your security, privacy, subscription, and some general options by going to the Settings tab . 

After 24 months of inactivity on the EFFET TANDEM dating site, your profile photos will be deleted. Your other information will remain latent. Your username, password and personal referral link will remain active and valid unless the account is deleted or blocked. 

Paused profile : When your profile is paused, it is no longer visible until you put it back in public or private mode. No one will be able to write to you. By selecting this mode, you will continue to have access only to the Unite tab which contains our video capsules, our blog and our multidisciplinary specialists. This mode does not pause the duration of your subscription whose time continues to elapse. 


Your photo witness  


Before you are asked to upload photos from your album, we will ask you to take an unretouched photo of yourself in the position indicated during the registration process. You must appear alone. No hat, sunglasses or other artifice should partly hide your face. This allows us to properly identify you. 

Specifications : the photo must be in .JPG, .PNG and .GIF format, be at least 400 pixels x 400 pixels and less than 10 megs in size . 

Why do we ask for such a photo? The photo witness is used for the authentication process of all the photos published on your profile. In particular, it prevents users from presenting old photos that are no longer representative on their descriptive sheet. It will not be visible and will remain confidential. 

If your photo-witness does not meet our conditions, we will ask you to take it again.


Your photo album  


You must upload a minimum of two (2) photos, up to a maximum of six (6). They must be recent, ie taken within the last two (2) years. We need to be able to identify you. Photos must be clear, well framed and of sufficient graphic quality. In addition to the portrait photo (passport type, with a smile), we also suggest uploading at least one head-to-toe photo of yourself. 

You must appear alone in each of your photos, which includes no presence of minors, such as your children. 

Authenticated photo : Authenticated photos are validated using your photo witness. These photos will have a small green check mark in the upper right corner. Only the main photo must be authenticated and portrait type. 

Portrait photo : This is the first photo in your profile and is considered the default photo. This must be authenticated, taken up close and we must be able to distinguish your features easily. It must also respect the following criteria: recent and of good quality, taken in close-up, be alone, from the front, without sunglasses or a hat or other artifices. 

Photo validated: All photos where one can easily claim that it is you but not certify it. These photos can reveal interesting information about you. For example, a photo taken from behind while you are climbing. 

Rejected photos : Photos that are blurry, too dark, too small, too far away and on which we can see another person's body part are rejected. Photos of a suggestive nature will be automatically refused (posings with bare torsos, bikinis or lingerie, etc.). No unsightly photos will be accepted (no middle fingers, funny faces, photo filters, montages, company logos, etc.). No violence, weapons or any other object of bad taste. Fake photos will be quickly identified and removed during our validation process.

We are a community of nice, intelligent and respectful adults. EFFET TANDEM reserves the right to refuse any image that goes against its corporate values, without giving any justification. 

We will notify you by email if the rejection of some of your photos means that you no longer have the two minimum photos required. You will be invited to submit news within the next 72 hours. After this time, your profile will be temporarily suspended while the situation is rectified.


Communications within the community  


By using our services, you agree to receive communications from EFFET TANDEM. In some cases, we may also ask for your permission to contact you by means other than email or the message center, for quality assurance purposes. 

us : The easiest way to contact us is through your instant messenger. We use an online chat operated by the company Crisp https://crisp.com/ 

It is also possible to reach us by phone, email or by clicking on the Contact Us tab . 

Messaging: The personal messaging box offers all its subscribers the possibility of chatting and making video and audio calls. It is the best point of contact between you and other subscribers. You can filter your messages there. This integrated system allows you to maintain the integrity of your personal data, such as your phone number and email address. Note that the audio/video call function must be unlocked between two users before being able to establish communication. This avoids being surprised by an unwanted call. 

Tandem Flower : The Tandem Effect Flower is a symbol of courtesy. Every day you receive a new flower to share. You cannot accumulate them, nor share them twice with the same person. 

Thought of the day : Subscribers to the dating site have the option of sending us a thought of the day of their choice. These inspiring little texts can come from a quote, a personal reflection, a maxim, a proverb, etc. If your thought is selected, you will be notified by email of the date of publication on our platform. You should know that your thought will be accompanied by the main profile photo, your first name and the name of your city. It could also be used on our social networks. Your profile must therefore be in public mode so that we can select your thought. EFFET TANDEM reserves the right to correct spelling errors, modify or reduce the text. 

Copyright : Some published texts are sometimes subject to copyright or even a trademark. It is the subscriber's responsibility to provide us with the author's name and verify their sources.


Subscription payment  


We use the secure payment gateway which stores some of your credit card information. 

PCI-DSS Standard : Your information is encrypted in accordance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). It is the global standard for security in the storage, processing and transmission of banking data. 

All direct payment gateways meet minimum PCI-DSS requirements. Moreover, this infrastructure stems directly from the joint effort of companies such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Data relating to your purchase transaction is kept for as long as necessary to finalize your order. 

Automatic Renewal : The 1 Month, 3 Month and 6 Month Effect packages are our current regular packages. In order to avoid any interruption of our services, these will be renewed automatically at the end of your previously chosen subscription. For all other temporary promotional packages, the automatic renewal will be made to the package in force closest to this promotion. A courtesy email notifies you when your subscription is about to expire. It is possible to change the package with which your renewal will be made or choose not to renew your subscription, in particular by going to Settings > Subscription > Manage my subscription at any time . > 

Please note that prices for our services are subject to change without notice. Each renewal will be billed at the price of the current plan. Payment for a package is made in a single payment. 

Unavailable Funds : When there are insufficient funds available on your credit card, automatic renewal will be attempted nightly for a period of seven (7) days. 

Expiration of Your Credit Card : If your credit card has expired, you will receive an email seven (7) days prior to processing your subscription payment. This will allow you to update your credit card payment settings. 




Clearly communicate your dissatisfaction with our service in writing to EFFET TANDEM customer service using the Contact Us section. Following the analysis of your request, if it is justified, we will be able to refund the unused time according to the prices and durations of the packages that were in effect at the time of your initial membership. 

Depending on the time that has elapsed since the start of your subscription, we will close your package to shorten it by considering which one would be the most advantageous for you. 

For example, if you have chosen a 3-month or 6-month plan and you request a refund after using our services for 25 days, we will convert your initially chosen plan to a one-month use plan. . We will reimburse you for the difference between these packages, taking into account the prices that were in effect at the time of your subscription. Similarly, if you had chosen the 6-month Effect plan and you request a refund for dissatisfaction after 35 days of use, we will close your plan by converting it to a 3-month Effect plan. We will therefore refund you the difference between the price you had paid for 6 months and that which was in force for 3 months of use on the date of your subscription. 

If you have chosen the 1-month Effect package and it has started, unfortunately no refund is applicable. 

Note that when a subscriber terminates his subscription simply because he no longer wishes to continue using our services, before the end of the previously chosen term, EFFET TANDEM does not offer any refund. 


Achievement of your goals 


EFFET TANDEM can in no way guarantee a minimum number of profiles corresponding to the search criteria of a subscriber on the dating site. Nor can we guarantee the number of candidates, meetings, or the achievement of your objectives in connection with the use of this site. Obviously, we have no control over the activities (e-mail, telephone, face-to-face or other) that you engage in and we accept no responsibility in this regard.


Access to services  


EFFET TANDEM reserves the right to revoke access to the services offered, unilaterally and without prior notification, to any member who does not comply with these terms and conditions of use. 

EFFET TANDEM implements all reasonable means at its disposal to ensure quality access to the services offered, without any obligation to do so. EFFET TANDEM cannot be held responsible for any malfunction of the network or servers, or any other event beyond reasonable control, which would prevent or degrade access to the services offered. 

EFFET TANDEM cannot under any circumstances, within the limits of applicable law, be held liable for damages and/or prejudice, direct or indirect, material or immaterial, or of any nature whatsoever, resulting from the unavailability of the services offered. 

EFFET TANDEM reserves the right to interrupt, temporarily suspend or modify without notice access to all or part of the services offered, in order to ensure their maintenance, or for any other reason, without the interruption gives right to any form of obligation or compensation. 

EFFET TANDEM makes every effort to provide continuous service. However, external events could lead to temporary unavailability of the service. Thus, EFFET TANDEM cannot be held liable in the event of force majeure or events beyond its control. 


Abusive use  


We provide monitoring of its computer network. Misuse of our platform will result, among other things, in the immediate deletion of your user account. 

These principles will not be tolerated: web crawlers, resource harvesters, interface masking software, automated query programs, scripts, and other automatic devices or manual processes to transmit messages, monitor or copy the content presented. 

Users also agree not to interfere with the normal operation of our web services, not to take any action that would impose any misuse of our infrastructure in any way whatsoever, including illegal or unauthorized access to our computer system. 


Limits of liability  


The information disseminated on the EFFET TANDEM website comes from reputable and reliable sources. However, EFFET TANDEM cannot guarantee the accuracy or relevance of this data. In addition, the information made available on this site is for informational purposes only and does not constitute, under any circumstances, advice, a recommendation or consultation of any kind whatsoever. These capsules and articles are not used for therapeutic purposes, but for informational purposes only. 

The use of the information and content available on the entire site can in no way engage the responsibility of the company EFFET TANDEM inc. , in any capacity. Members are solely responsible for the proper use, with judgment and discernment, of the information made available to them on the EFFET TANDEM website. 

EFET TANDEM offers hypertext links to websites published and/or managed by third parties. Insofar as no control is exercised over these external resources, the user acknowledges that EFFET TANDEM assumes no responsibility for the provision of these resources, and cannot be held responsible for their content. 

Users of the EFFET TANDEM site undertake, in general, to respect the application of all the laws and regulations in force in Canada. These laws and regulations include the application of the public health instructions and directives in force, whether or not in connection with COVID-19. 


Recommendations for the use of the user  


The user is responsible for the content of his exchanges with other users, so exercise caution before transmitting sensitive or personal information that could voluntarily or involuntarily put him at risk. It is also good to know that nowadays it is easy to trace a person's phone number. In return, it is also possible to hide the display of your number in the settings of your mobile phone. 

TANDEM EFFECT recommends: 

·       Make a first contact using chat, voice or video call from your integrated message center. 

·       Establish a relationship of trust before going to a first meeting. 

·       Choose a neutral and public meeting place; for example take a coffee or a walk first. 

·       Schedule a short initial meeting. 

·       Get to the meeting place by your own means. 

·       Note the name and contact details of the person to meet, as well as the place of the meeting on the Guardian Angel notepad in your private and confidential space on this site; transmit this information to a loved one as a security measure. 

·       Ending an inconclusive encounter should be approached with respect and politeness. 


Changes to these terms and conditions  


We reserve the right to modify this in whole or in part at any time. Please check this page frequently to review any changes. The changes will take effect immediately after their publication on the EFET TANDEM web platform. 

We hope your experience at the heart of our community will be enjoyable. We would be happy for you to participate by submitting your suggestions and comments to help us create a site that reflects your image. 


gender and number

When required by the context, the singular must be interpreted as including the plural, the masculine as including the feminine and vice versa.




The titles of the articles and paragraphs of this Agreement are inserted for convenience only and should not be used to interpret its various provisions.




The nullity of a provision stipulated herein will not result in the nullity of this entire agreement.




This agreement shall be interpreted and executed in accordance with the applicable laws of the province of Quebec and of Canada. The parties will submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of Quebec with respect to this agreement.