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Privacy policy

Privacy Policy 

Policy applicable to: TANDEM EFFECT and REFERRAL PROGRAM (the “Network”) 
Last update: May 25, 2022 

The protection of your personal information and your private life is crucial for EFFET TANDEM. This privacy policy is an ADDITIONAL to our Terms of Use made available to you on the footer of the EFFET TANDEM website. 
We have developed this policy to inform you of how we collect and process the personal information of our subscribers, information that may identify you, our security protocols and the management of cookies (cookies). 

Applicable right 

Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector (CQLR, c P-39.1) 
Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act , RSC (1985), c. P-21 
The EFFET TANDEM platform is governed by Canadian law since it is hosted on a server established in Toronto. Canadian legislation regarding the rights to privacy and the protection of your sensitive and personal data is very strict. These laws and regulations apply to its content, databases and all web communications. See Data Hosting 
In addition, we are not subject to American laws which give the American government the right to have access to all web activities hosted on its territory (ref. Patriot Act ). 

Collection of your personal information 

EFFET TANDEM is a private company offering a matchmaking service for singles. We verify the identity of our users with the eIDComparaison MD solution in order to reduce the risk of false profiles, protect against scams and guarantee the exact age of our users. 
Verification of your identity (authentication) : This information allows us to offer you services that meet your expectations and to make your experience more pleasant and secure: first and last name, date of birth, place of residence (address and postal code) . See Terms of use > eID authenticationComparison 
Registration to the dating site : We collect personal information when you register and create your user account. This information is therefore required for the management of our dating site: email address, gender (sex), sexual orientation, language spoken, level of education, personality, values, figure, family situation, areas of interest. 
Registration for the referral program: If applicable, we will ask you for your basic email address, your last name, first name and civic address. If a referrer is registered with the provincial and federal tax systems, he must provide us with an invoice including his tax numbers. We will validate everything before making a payment. Your social insurance number will be required for the production of a T4A and your tax numbers (if applicable), in accordance with the Income Tax Act. 

Use of your personal information 

This information will be used to manage our website to connect our single subscribers and thus find the best potential partners. Only some of this information is visible to other members. Effect Tandem will do everything in its power to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the data transmitted. 
The messages sent by e-mail will be used for validation or confirmation purposes, as well as to connect to the Tandem Effect website. We may use the email address you provide to us to send you important news or notify you of certain events. 
Your password will be encrypted by our servers. So if you forget it, we won't be able to trace it for you, so we'll prompt you to create a new one. Your date of birth will never be shared publicly; it is only used to search by age group on the site and to determine your zodiac sign. 
However, the display of your age on the site will be updated automatically on your birthday. Your home address will never be shared with anyone and will only be used to calculate the approximate distance between you and other members. 

Use of cookies 

Cookies are small text files stored on the hard drive of your terminal or mobile device. Their main function is to transmit information between our server and the browser you use to connect to the Tandem Effect network. 
Why do we use cookies? This link between you and us ensures the proper functioning and overall performance of the services to which you subscribe. You should know that this information is only associated with you when you open a session as a subscriber. 
The information collected includes your IP address, mandatory data for authentication or security purposes, functional data to measure subscriber experience and improve services. In particular, they allow us to analyze the traffic on the pages of our site, to maintain your authentication if you choose to keep your session open, to personalize our services and content, to measure our audience and the effectiveness of our promotional efforts. 
FOR A BETTER USER EXPERIENCE, we recommend that you do not block or disable cookies in your browser settings. See Terms of Use > Your personal referral link 

Sharing your personal information 

Your information will never be shared or sold to third parties. Your email address or contact information will never be disclosed to another member or third party on a voluntary basis or shared publicly. 
Messaging : The messages you exchange with other members are completely confidential and only you will have access to your messages. However, if you exchange personal information with other subscribers, EFFET TANDEM cannot be held responsible for the sending of unsolicited messages that these members may send you. If you feel indisposed by messages received of an undesirable nature, do not hesitate to inform us. Following an analysis of the situation, it is possible that this will lead to the expulsion of the offending user.
We recommend that you exercise the utmost caution when sharing your personal information with anyone. We suggest that you use our audio/video conference service integrated into your personal mailbox for your first communications in order to maintain your anonymity. 
You can submit your testimonials on the Tandem Effect website. Please note that if your testimonial contains personal information about a third party, you must obtain their consent, in particular for the publication of their first name or photo. Before publishing your testimonial, EFFET TANDEM reserves the right to correct the spelling, modify any inappropriate content or reduce the text. By submitting a testimonial, you agree that we use it for our advertisements, on our platform and our social networks. 

Transmission of your personal information 

As part of its activities, our website may collect information about visitors. Tools, such as Google Analytics, could be used to collect this data. Among other things, we have access to: IP address, date and time of visit. This information is collected for administrative purposes only and will not be sold or shared with anyone. 
Communication : We may use your personal information to contact you in the event of a problem affecting your account or our services. We may also contact you to inform you of new services offered by EFFET TANDEM to give you access to any promotional offers. We may also use your confidential information to prevent security breaches and to enforce our Terms and Conditions of Use. The information we keep about you is only used to achieve these purposes. 
Social networks : You can give us access to your Facebook or Google account as a means of connecting to our network. Otherwise, there is no possible affiliation between your social media profile and your Tandem Effect user account. 
Server error (code 500) : When you receive a server error message, it automatically sends the information to the technical support team so that the situation can be corrected as quickly as possible. 

Interaction with third parties 

EFFET TANDEM contains links to websites managed by third parties. We have no control over third party websites and are not responsible for them. TANDEM EFFECT is therefore required to comply with the terms of use and privacy policy of these third parties, which includes the protection of personal information. 
As a result, EFFET TANDEM will in no way be held liable for any damages that may result. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully review the privacy policies of these other sites. 

Online payment protection 

Our site uses the secure payment gateway PandaPay to process payment for subscriptions to its dating site. Your data only transacts on this platform and your information is encrypted in accordance with the Data Security Standard established by the Payment Card Industry (PCI-DSS standard). 
You will be asked to enter certain personal data, such as your credit card number, its expiry date and the CVV code on the back of your card. Transaction data is kept for as long as required to finalize your order. See Terms of use > Subscription payment 

Data hosting 

Your information is hosted and processed by servers located in the province of Quebec. Thus, all reasonable precautions are taken by EFFET TANDEM to protect your personal data. We follow industry best practices to ensure that your personal information is not lost, misused, accessed, disclosed, altered or destroyed in any way. 
We regularly perform encrypted backups and transfer these to a secure environment. The use of advanced functions applies only to the most secure and up-to-date browsers. 

Retention of personal information 

After 24 months of inactivity on the EFFET TANDEM dating site, your profile photos will be deleted. Your other information will remain latent. Your username, password and personal referral link will remain active and valid unless the account is deleted or blocked. 
Right of deletion: You have the power to delete your user account from the EFFET TANDEM network at any time. Your personal information will be completely removed from our server and we will not be able to recover this data under any circumstances. You must go to the Parameter section > Advanced management of my profile > Delete my account
Protection of your personal information 
Tandem Effect uses technical and procedural safeguards to protect your personal information against loss or theft, as well as unauthorized access or disclosure. More specifically, we use secure transmission protocols, such as filtering and encryption of information to protect the data collected against unauthorized access by internal or external users of the company. 
Despite all the efforts we make to preserve the confidentiality of your personal information, third parties could, however, unlawfully intercept the information conveyed on our site. We cannot be held responsible for any use or disclosure of information that may be beyond our reasonable control. 
Your first name will be visible to all other subscribers. We remind you that you are responsible for the information you disclose during exchanges with the community of the EFFET TANDEM network. See Terms of Service

Disclosure of personal information 

The voluntary disclosure of your personal information during private or public exchanges, on the site or outside the EFET TANDEM site, is not covered by this policy of confidentiality and protection of your private life; therefore, you should always be careful when giving out your personal information. 
Right of access : Your password is an essential tool to ensure the protection of your account. We advise you to create your unique password by combining numbers, lowercase and uppercase letters and special characters. Your password will be encrypted. You are responsible for maintaining the integrity of this information and not disclosing it. If you communicate this secure access information to any other person, you will be held responsible for what is done by using it. 
Obligations : Losing control of your own password means that you have lost control over your personal information. In the event that the use of your password is compromised, for any reason, you must immediately inform us of the situation and reset your password. See Terms of use > Access to services 
Disclosure to the competent authorities : EFFET TANDEM may disclose, without subpoena, your personal information, including your last name, first name, postal code, email address, IP address and any other information that may seem relevant, in response to a formal request for a competent authority in connection with a criminal investigation or allegedly illegal activities or any other activity that could expose Tandem Effect to legal liability. 
Updating your personal data 
Tandem Effect provides you with the means to verify that your personal information is accurate. You can update them at any time from your account. The new information will be validated within 24 hours. You must promptly update your personal information if it is compromised, changes or is inaccurate. 
Modification of the privacy policy 
Effect Tandem reserves the right to modify this policy at any time and without notice, in particular in order to comply with the laws, regulations or standards in force. The changes made apply as of the date of the last update. If you continue to use our network on an ongoing basis after we post an update, we'll assume that you accept the changes to this policy. 
It is strongly recommended that you regularly refer to the content of our terms of use and our privacy policy.