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I have found love

Our love story came true and we built our life together.

I have found love on a dating website

I found love on a dating site overnight. However nothing was won. When you have been single for a while, all your hopes rest on dating sites. We hope that this time love will knock at our door. You wait with bated breath for someone to open their heart for you.

I waited a lot before my partner arrived. Multiple disappointments, regrets and remorse also made me doubt myself and this seemingly unattainable happiness. You constantly question yourself until you no longer feel like loving. The smile disappears from your lips and you become jealous of the happiness of others.

The couples around you violently reflect your loneliness. Evenings with friends become a real ordeal. By dint of being this ghost in love, hope vanishes. I think that many people recognize themselves in this unpleasant feeling of not knowing why others and not you.

Why you can't meet love when you are ready to welcome it into your life. On the couch, in bed, at breakfast, hand in hand everywhere, your lonely heart has room and you are waiting for that encounter in your life.

So, you try the evenings between singles that do not lead to much because very quickly you become more friends than anything else. The relationship does not materialize into a love relationship and you go back to the starting point.

And then, one day, a crush happens. At first, I didn't put much energy into it. Simply because I was afraid of making a mistake. I was afraid of another imminent disappointment. However, this was different.

Our messages were intersecting. We were both in a clear connection both in messages and out. I felt this man more than any other usually. There was a pleasant strangeness, a different kind of magic that was happening.

I read a lot of texts to identify these signs of connection and I came to the conclusion that we were certainly soul mates.

We wrote messages about it. Our hearts were talking to each other, we were in total resonance with each other. Love manifested itself in a different way.

I had never felt a relationship like this so strongly. He knew how to listen to me. He knew my qualities, my worries and many wounds related to heartbreak. We were both in total reciprocity through our messages.

Then, the obvious thing was to meet for real. We made our first appointment after months of long-distance written exchanges. When our eyes met in reality and no longer in the virtual world through our screens, the emotion was intense.

We hugged each other tightly, we kissed tenderly and the world disappeared around us. Nothing existed anymore, only us and that's all.

Since that first physical encounter, we have never left each other. Our love story became a reality and we built our life together. We learn a lot from our relationship every day. We were made for each other to accompany us on this path with a lot of love.

Of course we also go through many trials but there is not a single day that we don't say I love you.

We are in love even more.

We are all fulfilling our dreams and we have promised to support each other in all the difficulties and choices each of us has to make.

We got married too.

We offered our testimony to the dating site platform.

I found love on a dating site. Despite my desperation for many years to love someone who could make me fall in love with him, I always kept this unique secret inside me. That of attracting the love of my life to me.

Even if you have doubts, even if life hits you with its injustice and the desert of love, you must always nourish this desire for authentic love.

Because if you don't believe in yourself and in your future partner, love will always sneak up on you. Leave room for real encounters and when the time comes, you can take the time to find out if it's the right person of course, but commit yourself for real.

Because the notion of commitment in a couple is not limited to marriage. It is created sincerely in the sharing of life, in the listening of hearts. And this is without a doubt what has made our couple exist and last.

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