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The 4 basic values of a couple

I talk about the four basic values I teach: trust, respect, admiration and complicity. To remind you: the CRAC.

Today, I am simply talking about the four basic values I teach: trust, respect, admiration, complicity. To remind you, the CRAC: trust, admiration, complicity and respect. What I teach is that the four values must be 100% or 0%, there are no half measures. If your lover, your significant other, or a co-worker hasn't completely respected you, you can simply say "are we in our 100% respect?" Instead of saying "I think you didn't do the dishes" or "you didn't pick up the papers" or "you didn't do this" or "you didn't do that", and then we're in the middle of saying it, it's better to say "are we in our 100% respect now?" And there, the person will internalize and just go and see at that point "yeah, that's right, I may not be in my 100% respect". It's the same thing with trust. You can't be with someone and say "yeah, maybe I trust her 70%". In that time, the relationship will already be in doubt. Admiration is the same thing, it's 100% admiration or 0%. There can be no half measures when you want to have a solid relationship. These are the basic rules. And complicity is the same thing.

Of course there can be a lot of other values: the value of freedom, the value of family... There are all sorts of other values. But when we have our four basic ones, even with your children, it's the same thing. Are we in our trust 100% there? Are we in our 100% respect, our 100% complicity or our 100% admiration? At that point, it's the CRAC. Remember that these are small codes. When we are not in reproaches, it is always easier to dialogue and it is always easier for the person to realize it himself, it makes an inner work. So I wish you the best, I wish you to use these four codes with your lover, your family, your friends because it is so much easier and lighter.

I thank you. My capsule was very short today, but it's like the foundation of a house, it's built on concrete when you have basic common values. Often, we look for them, we ask ourselves what our values would be. It is important to have common values. So if you want to rely on them, it's called CRAC: trust, respect, admiration, 100% complicity. I leave you, once again, with the most beautiful images of my life. This is my lover, this is what I live and this is what I have established in my life as a couple. So see the results, I leave you with these images.

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