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How to repair the lack of confidence and esteem?

Where does the lack of recognition, protection and affection come from? What are the consequences of these lacks on our adult life?

A lack of recognition is often from our parents, affection and protection, the same thing, from our birth to today or from our environment. A lack of recognition, is that you have been sufficiently seen, heard, considered by your parents or your environment.

Protection is feeling safe by your parent. So he protected you, he was there if something happened. And affection is really about being loved, feeling loved and feeling cuddled too. So people who have lacked recognition, protection, affection, simply confidence and esteem are in free fall downwards.

To raise your confidence and esteem, there are exercises that exist at this time. This is good news! You can write a letter and become your own parent, because it's hard to go back to when you were little. So, simply write a letter from your parents version 2.0 about how you would have liked them to recognize you, to protect you, to give you affection. You have to pretend that your parents did that, that they were like that with you. This will fill the emotional void that is created inside you. From the time you are born, or from the age of 3-4 years, until adulthood, there is an emotional void that is created. To fill this void, take the time to write a letter with your parents 2.0 where you simply reinvent new parents who have recognized you, who have protected you, who have given you affection, therefore recognition, protection, affection. And the result will be that your confidence and your esteem will grow at that moment and it will come to fill this void inside you.

I hope this capsule has really helped you. Recognition, protection, affection, remember these three words. This is what we often miss as children, but we can bring it to ourselves, good news, as adults.

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