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The Illusion of the Perfect Person

Do you feel concerned about the illusion of the perfect relationship? Are you looking for the perfect person?

The person you are looking for does not exist, it is something you have built up over time in your imagination. By dint of anticipating and imagining him, you have created a character, a Prince Charming somewhere. But we are not in a fairy tale, we are in reality. We are human beings, we are people who have wounds, experiences, qualities, defects, values, needs. The important thing is that the person you are going to meet makes a good impression on you, that's the first thing and, secondly, that he or she can somehow meet a certain percentage of what you really expect from a person. Because all this is something that you will build over time.

I want to come up with an example of a friend I know well, who is single to this day and still waiting for her Prince Charming, despite having met several men, several different people who sometimes had the majority of her selection criteria, but to a detail, it didn't suit her, there was something wrong, so it was swept away. And every person you meet, as long as they have the majority of what you need, but still a good percentage, because not every person can fulfill all our needs, that's why we have friendship, that's why we have a love relationship. But in our love relationship, we are not obliged to do everything together, to share everything together.

So in conclusion, if the person you meet, on this serious relationship dating application for example, has the majority of the criteria that are important to you, even if there are a few details that don't fit, I think it's worth your while to invest and go digging deeper. There's always time to say no, there's always time to get back into our involvement. We are there to get to know the other person.

Give yourself the time and opportunity to develop the complicity of this relationship and to see if there are other criteria that will be met by this person.

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Chantal brault

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Author, columnist, animator, speaker and neo-sexologist who understands the functioning and messages of the body as well as the sacredness of sexuality.


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