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To be in love is to love the part of us that awakens in the presence of the other.
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Chantal Brault

Chantal Brault has been married for 36 years and is the mother of 4 children, 3 grandchildren and is a Native American. 
Her 30 years of experience as a neo-sexologist have led her to become a trainer, author, blogger, speaker, animator and columnist. 
She has published 9 books about how to be in love. 
She can also be followed on television with her weekly show called PLAISIR D'AMOUR, on her Facebook page or on her YouTube channel.

An overview of my services 

Online program: Climb to the 7th Heaven (To reconnect with yourself through the pleasure of the senses, become aware and regain your inner power and self-love through several exercises over the course of 7 weeks) 
Online program: Living the 7th Heaven (7-week sprint in a lifetime program to allow you to better understand yourself, make peace with your wounds and rediscover the joys of living and the choice of your sexuality) 
In-person program: Journey to the 7th Heaven (7-day intensive and powerful journey to reconnect with yourself, your senses, your pleasure and your sexuality)
I specialize more particularly in the accompaniment towards peace of the senses, pleasure and sexuality. 
I also offer several one or multi-day teepee workshops on Indigenous spirituality, wellness and getting back to the basics with the possibility of staying in a teepee or luxury room. Various themes such as: moccasin making, drumming, teachings about the medicine wheel, totemic animals, etc.
If you want to rekindle your inner flame, get back in touch with your body, senses and pleasure, even after an abuse, I can show you the way. 
Come and live the experience, like many of my students, of fully inhabiting your body, senses, heart and soul by honoring and glorifying it. Learning to love, respect and value yourself is essential to your well-being.  
I mainly offer group sessions in the form of a program or workshop as well as individual coaching upon referral. I have several videos on my YouTube channel and a blog on my website.


Available courses:

Climbing to the 7th Heaven (Online) 
Living the 7th Heaven (Online) 
Journey to the 7th Heaven (In person) 
Aboriginal Spirituality Workshops (see site for complete list)

Books, audio and other content:  

Living the pleasure of the senses 
Become the master of your pleasure 
The Evolution of Love