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Is your happiness dependent on someone else?

Does your happiness depend on someone else? How many times in my life have I been able to say: my happiness depends only on you!

Do you depend on each other to be happy? That would be a shame. Because happiness is not something you receive from the outside, it is something that comes from within. You feed yourself happiness by appreciating every moment.

The example I would like to give here is an example from my own experience, once again. We are three girls in our house, so we are three people of the same sex who lived the same childhood, the same circumstances, the same events with the same person. If I give an example of a conflict or a conflicting event, for example with my mother, even though all three of us experienced that situation at the same time, we have three different perceptions of the same situation. If it was my mother, for example, who was responsible for the emotion I was experiencing, we would all three have the same emotion. But that's not it. She is the one who is the trigger, she is the one who created the event, but it is me, by my baggage, by my wounds, by what I carry, who is going to make the emotion, who is going to decide the emotion that is going to be there and my reaction. I always have the choice of my reaction.

What I wish for you is to become aware of your emotions in order to regain this power over yourself and this freedom that we cherish so much.

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Chantal brault

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Author, columnist, animator, speaker and neo-sexologist who understands the functioning and messages of the body as well as the sacredness of sexuality.


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